In the last five years, De Bruyn’s Transport has invested a significant amount of resources into supporting Tasmania’s ever important Aquaculture Industry. This investment extends to the acquisition of eight purposely designed and built harvest fish transportation trailers. These trailers have not only ensured a higher quality of harvested product for subsequent processing but has also saved Aquaculture Industry participants’ money because the set up can transport fish feed one way and harvest fish on return. Prior to these trailers arriving in the market, these tasks involved two separate trips involving two different trailers.

Another significant investment within the last two years has been the acquisition of three purpose design and built live fish trailer sets to transport live fish from spawning ponds to farms. This investment has greatly improved the quality of young fish reaching the farms as well as significantly reduced the loss ratios. What made this investment even more significant was the fact that a large amount was invested back into Tasmanian businesses with each trailer containing approximately 70% of local content.