De Bruyn’s has developed an Environmental Management System which is designed to:

  • Proactively identify environmental hazards
  • Develop plans, procedures and training to control environmental hazards
  • Monitor performance to ensure processes are working
  • Record, report, investigate and correct any instances of staff not following up procedures or environmental incidents
  • Regularly audit and review performance and the system to ensure continual improvement

At the core of this System is our Environmental Policy.


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2.0    Environmental Policy

De Bruyn’s Transport takes its responsibility as an employer and contractor seriously. This environmental policy is part of the Company’s commitment to its employees and the general public.

2.1      Protection of the biosphere

De Bruyn’s Transport core business is the timely and efficient transport of goods to our customers. It is essential that in performing our business, we reduce or eliminate the release of any substance that may cause damage to the environment and human health.

2.2      Sustainable use of natural resources

De Bruyn’s Transport will, where possible, consider the use of renewable natural resources and conserve them through efficient use and careful planning.

2.3      Reduction and disposal of wastes

De Bruyn’s Transport will eliminate, or at least reduce waste through recycling and reduction of consumption.

2.4      Energy conservation

De Bruyn’s Transport is mainly involved in transport and will endeavour to conserve energy and improve efficiency in all operations and make use of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy resources. Good driving practices will be promoted because these can significantly reduce fuel consumption. The ongoing installation of electronic monitoring systems to our vehicle fleet will also help the Company to determine preferred driving practices and encourage their adoption.

2.5      Risk reduction

De Bruyn’s Transport will strive to minimise the environmental, health and safety risks to people and communities through safe technologies, facilities, and operating procedures. This will also involve the use of Risk Assessments and Risk Management.

2.6      Safe products and services

De Bruyn’s Transport is primarily a Transport Company and does not produce products. The Company will store and transport dangerous Goods and Hazardous waste in a safe manner and comply with any relevant legislative requirements.

2.7      Environmental restoration

De Bruyn’s Transport will promptly and responsibly correct conditions that endanger the environment, health, and safety. To the extent possible, we will redress injured people and restore the environment.

2.8      Informing the public

De Bruyn’s Transport will inform those who may be affected by conditions which pose a potential hazard to the environment, health, and safety. The General Manager is the responsible person.

2.9      Management commitment

De Bruyn’s Transport Management is committed to this environmental policy.

2.10   Audits and reports

De Bruyn’s Transport will conduct annual audits to check implementation of this policy.

2.11   Implementation of the Environment Policy

  • De Bruyn’s Transport management is committed to running the business in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • The Company will comply with all relevant statutory environmental requirements.
  • The Company will take all steps necessary to minimise impact on the Public as it goes about its business.
  • The Company will minimise its effect on the environment by working in a responsible manner.
  • The General Manager has responsibilities in the event of any environmental incident
  • In the event of any spill or incident, even if it may or may not affect the environment, the General Manager must be contacted immediately.
  • Each depot has a spill containment procedure which must be followed. Materials and equipment are kept at each site to contain and clean up spills. All vehicles transporting Controlled Waste (Hazardous Waste) must carry a spills kit.
  • All spills on De Bruyn’s Transport Sites, in transit and at sites we deliver to must be reported using the De Bruyn’s Transport Incident Report mechanisms. De Bruyn’s will also comply with any additional reporting and incident investigation requirements that may exist for specific sites.


Copies of De Bruyn’s Environmental Management System as well as our Risk Register can be made available to clients on request.