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De Bruyn’s is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel in its offices, workshop and workplaces.

We believe that all work-related injuries and property losses are preventable, and that safety is a good business. We consider that there is no more important factor in the undertaking of anyone’s job than prevention of injury or ill health to any people in its own workplaces or workplaces visited by its fleet and its personnel.

De Bruyn’s safety objectives are:

  1. To be a trucking industry leader in workplace health and safety.
  2. To give risk management considerations equal status with other primary business objectives.
  3. To provide facilities designed to minimise risk and to develop safe working practices, in order to ensure that risks to personnel are minimised.
  4. To minimise any adverse impact of its activities on all employees and the public.
  5. To have safety systems in place before any operation is carried out, and if safety would be compromised, operations are to be suspended.
  6. To audit and continually improve occupational health and safety standards and procedures.
  7. To employ competent, adequately trained personnel.
  8. To have all personnel recognise their responsibility to identify and eliminate hazards, and to prevent injury to themselves and others.
  9. To promote a proactive approach to health and safety, and encourage personnel to participate in the development of the organisation’s occupational health and safety programs.
  10. To provide adequate levels of health care and rehabilitation for all personnel.
  11. To share occupational health and safety experience with all personnel and relevant external organisations and suppliers.
  12. To extend occupational health and safety of drivers away from the actual workplace by monitoring driving hours and by training drivers to recognise and manage fatigue issues.
  13. To ensure that our contractors and third parties clearly understand and adhere to our occupational health and safety policy standards and, where necessary, assist in achieving them.

Management responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying deficiencies in the Depots, equipment or systems of work.
  2. Implementing the Company health and safety policy and integrate it with their daily activities.
  3. Observing, implementing and fulfilling all responsibility under the relevant Acts, Regulations and Standards applicable to this industry and Company.
  4. Ensuring there is regular consultation between management and employees including elected health and safety representatives on all aspects of Health & Safety.
  5. Making regular assessments of health and safety performance and resources in cooperation with elected health and safety representatives.
  6. Ensuring that before new work is started a risk assessment process has been followed and appropriate control measures taken.
  7. Providing information, training and supervision for all employees in the correct use of plant, equipment and materials.

Employee responsibilities include:

  1. Fulfilling the Duty of Care for their own health and safety, the safety of their fellow workers and the General Public.
  2. Complying with the agreed safety procedures and directions.
  3. Reporting all accidents, incidents and near misses promptly to allow investigation.
  4. Not wilfully interfering or misusing equipment or facilities provided in the interests of health and safety of employees.

Copies of De Bruyn’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System as well as our Risk Register can be made available to clients on request.

De Bruyn’s Transport has also formed a Risk Management Committee to oversee our risk management processes and regular safety meetings are conducted within each of our Depots.